The museum holds an extensive collection of historical documents relating both to the Glorious Revolution and the reign of King William III and Queen Mary II, and to the history of Orangeism. Included amongst these is the book known as the Paymasters General’s book, which details the accounts of the Williamite forces in Ireland from June 1690 to March 1691. Other artefacts of interest are a handwritten letter giving an account of the battle, and a letter from King William sending instructions to the Earl of Carnarfon.

Early Orange Order artefacts include the original Grand Lodge minute book, and private lodge minute books dating back to 1796. There are also documents of wider historical significance, such as parliamentary reports and Home Rule period artefacts.

The library and archive can only be visited by request and an appointment should be made by contacting Museum of Orange Heritage on 028 9070 1122 if you are planning to visit on your own and not as part of our group visit.

Address: 368 Cregagh Rd, Castlereagh, Belfast BT6 9EY