A Family History Survey is ideal for those who are not sure how to get started with their Irish research. The Survey is produced by the Ulster Historical Foundation’s research team and offers valuable insights into the potential opportunities/limitations in uncovering your ancestors.

The purpose of a Family History Survey is to identify sources of possible relevance for your family history and highlight the potential for a successful in-depth genealogical investigation into your ancestry.

In some instances you may receive factual genealogical data relevant to your personal research in addition to sound advice on the research possibilities presented by the information you provide.

A Family History Survey can also be used by those planning a research trip to Ireland as a possible workplan or signposting exercise for the next steps in their personal research objectives.

"“THANK you so much for this fascinating research. I will likely be a repeat customer asking for additional research as I am hanging on every word!”"
Maryann Woods-Murphy, NJ - USA

Our Expertise

Ulster Historical Foundation has been conducting genealogical research for nearly seven decades and has helped tens of thousands of people learn more about their Irish roots.