As a leading publisher, primarily (but not exclusively) of books on history and genealogy, the Foundation welcomes submissions from previously published authors and those who have yet to see their work in print. Please note the following guidelines on making a submission to the Foundation:

  • Please provide a covering letter explaining your proposal, why you believe it is appropriate for the Foundation, the target market and its commercial potential.
  • Please provide a synopsis of the work, a list and outline of the individual chapters, and a sample chapter, plus the bibliography.
  • Please provide a brief biography telling us your qualifications to write the book.
  • Let us know of any organisations/societies in which you are involved, and any media and other contacts you might have, to facilitate the promotion of the book and sales.
  • Proposals should be submitted to the Foundation in electronic format preferably in MS Word. These should be presented as plain Word files, with no embedded images or other embellishments. The text should preferably be formatted in Times New Roman, 11 point text, with text justified and in single line spacing.
  • Where a submission is provided in hardcopy, it should follow the above guidance.
  • Under no circumstances should any original photographs, documents or artefacts be sent by post (or delivered by hand). The Foundation accepts no responsibility for such material.
  • Please provide your full contact details and email your submission to or post your manuscript to: Ulster Historical Foundation, Bradley Thallon House, Unit 44D, Kiltonga Estate, Belfast Road, Newtownards, Co. Down, BT23 4TJ.

Note: hardcopy submissions generally will not be returned to the author. If you would like your manuscript returned, please provide an appropriately sized and priced stamped addressed envelope.

Submission Response

The Foundation endeavours within ten working days to acknowledge receipt of submissions. The Senior Management Team initially evaluates submissions for publication. If deemed appropriate, the submission is then passed to the Foundation’s Publications Committee who will make the final decision on whether to proceed with publication. The Publications Committee usually meets three times per year so it might take a minimum of six months, or more, before we can provide a final decision from the Committee.

Bespoke Publishing Services

With nearly 50 years’ experience in the publishing business, the Foundation is well qualified to provide private individuals, corporate bodies, societies and organisations with the necessary guidance and assistance to bring your particular publishing proposal to fruition. Boasting a top of the range digital scanner coupled with the expertise of our staff, the Foundation is able to offer a range of bespoke publishing services including:

  • Project management
  • Cover design
  • Advice on layout and structure
  • Editing, proofreading and indexing
  • Typesetting and correction
  • Scanning of images – maps, photographs, illustrations
  • Arranging the printing of the book
  • Advice on marketing, promotion and launch events

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