The Ulster Historical Foundation has an unrivalled 60+ years of experience in archival research and developing innovative heritage projects which illustrate the history of Ulster and contribute to the marketing of Northern Ireland as a cultural tourism destination.

We have worked with many different bodies and organisations in the public, private, independent and charitable sectors to deliver a range of high quality products. These include local and central government, tourism authorities, schools and universities, heritage centres, media companies, and cultural, historical and community groups.

Our heritage consultancy output has included in-depth research into different aspects of our history, the development of genealogical databases and websites, the creation of interpretative panels for exhibitions, the production of promotional leaflets and booklets, and contributions to television and radio productions.

We are passionate about the history of Ulster and the story of the families that have lived in all nine counties of the historic province over the centuries. We love communicating that history to others, both local people and visitors to these shores. If you think we can help you, please get in touch.