This Friday I wanted to highlight an area of our website which highlights the wonderful people across the world we are fortunate to meet and help with their family history. The Photo Gallery section includes images from various book launches as well as our overseas lecture tours and family history conferences where we are able to meet with Guild members, research clients and friends and supporters of the Foundation in person which is always a joy for the Foundation's staff, often (as is the case in some of the photos here) meeting people first at our conferences in Belfast and then catching up with them again at one of our workshops overseas.

Check out the photo galleries in each section and see if you can spot yourself at one of our book launches, overseas genealogy workshops or family history conferences!

One of my favourite photos is the picture of Mary-Ann from Australia and Melanie from Canada who both attended one of our 2016 family history conferences. Over dinner one evening, as is the usual topic of conversation, they chatted about their family history and who they were researching and discovered they were looking into the same surname. Jokingly they said they could be cousins only for further discussion to show that they actually were!! Mary-Ann's great-great grandmother was the sister of Melanie's great-great grandfather! Neither knew of the other's existence until they met at our conference. So it may not just be ancestors you discover on one of our conferences - it might also be living relatives!

We have two family history conferences running this year in September and October.

Family History Conference June 2016 8