Petition of the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Lower Creggan, Co. Armagh

The Act of Union was passed in 1800 and came into force on 1 January 1801. The Irish parliament was abolished and henceforth Irish MPs represented their constituents at Westminster. During the debates associated with this petitions both for and against the Act of Union were drawn up across Ireland.

Some of these petitions were county-based, while others were from parishes or manors. Several were published in the Belfast Newsletter in 1799-1800. This petition from the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Lower Creggan was published on 17 January 1800. It was signed by 460 individuals.

The published introduction to the petition is as follows:

We the Roman Catholic Inhabitants of the Parish of Lower Cregan [sic], in the County of Armagh, do hereby declare our wishes for a Legislative Union with Great Britain upon fair and liberal Principles, and hope our Representatives in Parliament will take it into serious consideration.

The Catholic parish of Lower Creggan was formed in 1795 from the northern portion of the parish of Creggan.

Names of signatories to petition

First Name Last Name
Rev. P. Quinn
Neal McShane
Francis McShane
Edw. Kearney
E. Mulligan
Francis Campbell
Nicholas Mulligan
Owen O'Hear
Owen Hughes
Pat Beggin
Pat. Mulligan
Pat. Todle
Peter O'Hear
Charles McShane
Charles McMahon
Michael McCreesh
A. McCoy
Pat. Largy
Francis Murphy
John Donelly
Hugh Maley
Denis Fitzpatrick
Patrick Maley
John Toner
Owen McLeighan
John Cughan
David McCaigh
Hugh Largy
A. Hughes
Pat. Hughes
Thos. Sheridan
Mich. Sheridan
Peter Sheridan
John Sheridan
Hugh Sheridan
Edward Sheridan
Francis Sheridan
Francis Caraher
Henry Caraher
Patrick Caraher
Pat Morris
R. Morris
James Morris
Bryan O'Heer
James McConnell
Owen Lenogh
Michael Lenogh
Terence Lenogh
Pat Lenogh
Peter. Lenogh
Roger Murry
James Barkin
Denis. Donagh
Thomas Murphy
Bryan Graham
James. McCardel
Felix McCoy
Peter McCreesh
Francis Ward
Patrick McArdell
Pat. McCreesh
Pat. McNally
Edw. McMahon
Owen McMahon
Joseph Curry
Luke Dillon
Francis Reney
Pat. Callaghan
Terence Toner
Owen McGuney
Pat. Little
Terence Hanlon
James Grant
Pat. Carmen
Pat. Festan
Edw. McShane
Terence McShane
Peter Fitzpatrick
Terence Garvey
Lau. Garvey
James McMahon
Pat. McMahon
Felix Donaghy
James Megan
Pat. Megan
Bryan Megan
Owen Caraher
Peter Donaghy
Peter Bellew
James Bellew
Andrew Bellew
Phelix Hughes
Pat. Linden
T. Donaghy
Hugh McMahon
Pat. McCowan
Owen Trenor
Stephen Campbell
Lau. Campbell
Denis Mulligan
John Mulligan
Francis McAdle
Daniel Cosgrave
Daniel McCorthy
Ant. McCorthy
Luke Caraher
Peter Caragher
Thomas Caraher
Bryan Caraher
Terence Caraher
Michael Caraher
Owen Caraher
James Durnan
Pat. Durnan
Jas. Dougherty
Bryan Daly
Bryan McGeough
Hugh McNalty
Pat. Dailey
Richard Conlon
Thomas. Megan
Anthony Rooney
Michael Malon
Michael Donaghy
And. Trenor
John Trenor
Bryan Quinn
Pat. Duffy
Peter Mindey
Terence Wade
Michael Largy
Francis Donaghy
Edward Kelly
Hugh Kelly
Michael Keely
Peter Hughes
Thos. McElroy
Thos. McEnteer
James Maickan
Edward Gorman
Thos. Calaghan
Peter Burns
Edw. McCreesh
Peter Murphy
Owen Calaghan
Bryan Calaghan
James Calaghan
Charles Calaghan
Pat. Loy
James Loy
Raymond Garvey
Edward Garvey
John Murphy
Thomas Quigly
Pat. Donelly
Pat. Quinn
Cormick Maickan
Bryan Fegan
Hugh McBennett
Daniel Troy
James Troy
James Maickam
Philip Maickam
Pat. Maickan
Bryan Lenan
James Johnston
Luke Hunratty
Bryan McCreesh
Philip Carbery
Owen Hanratty
Neal. Quinn
P. McCardel
Denis Conlon
Roger Menalty
Js. Raverly
Peter. Trenor
Bryan Quin
Bryan McArdle
Jn. McArdle
Jn. Hear
Francis Hear
Hen. Lenan
Hugh McEwer
Jn. Byrne
Francis Byrne
Js. McMahon
Bryan McCormick
Owen O'Neill
Bryan McArdle
Pat. Lenan
Pat Maley
Peter Garvey
Philip Hughes
Philip McArdle
Pat. Hear
Terence Cone
Wm. Hear
Terence Lenan
Hu. Neill
Bryan Barker
Jas. Lenan
Pat. Prior
Felix Hanlon
Hugh Connell
R. McCann
Terence McDonnel
Jas. Lenan
Peter Slane
Jas. Terence
Terence Conroy
Terence Maken
Wm. Terry
Owen Graham
Arth. McArdle
Henry McNeill
Laurence Keenan
John Reilly
John McLandon
Peter. Carney
Ben. Doran
M. Doherty
M. Trodden
Peter Queen
M. Gardner
E. McKane
Thos. Martin
Denis Finegan
Neale McCann
John Kennedy
Jas. McCann
John Money
Peter McGurk
Pat. McParlaw
Jas. McGurk
Terence Kane
Pat. McSham
Peter McArdle
Edward McArdle
Pat. McArdle
Thos. Rooney
Bryan Fitzpatrick
Bryan Moley
Pat. Donaghy
Thos. Rooney
Bryan Fitzpatrick
Bryan Miley
Pat. Donaghy
Nich. Moley
Owen Garvy
Mich. Grant
Francis McShane
Henry McShane
Francis Gresham
Wm. Graham
Owen Geough
Pat. McVeagh
Peter McGeough
Manus McGeough
Hugh McMahon
Pat. McArdle
Andrew Hughes
Terence Hughes
Js. Hughes
F. Hughes
Henry Hughes
Dan. Garvy
Francis Queen
Terence Cawlan
Peter Queen
John Cawlan
Pat. Queen
Thos. Fehan
Owen Durnan
Tho. McNancy
Pat. Queen
Edm. Burns
Mich. Burns
Pat. Burns
Pat. Gornan
Bryan McEldrue
Pat. Morey
Pat. McArdle
Maurice Carbry
Thos. Murphy
Pat. Greham
Pat. Murtagh
A. McArdle
Edw. Campbell
Js. McShane
Js. McArdle
Felix Garvy
Dan. Garvy
Dan. Garvy
John Garvy
Francis Murphy
Hu. McMahon
Jas. Connor
Robert Butler
Jas. Hughes
Jn. Queen
Nurlaugh Queen
Mich. Queen
Thos. Grant
Henry Queen
Thos. McKone
Bryan. Queen
Francis Queen
Pat. Queen
Terence Hughes
John Queen
Fardy Hughes
Felix Hughes
Bryan Hughes
Roger Kelly
Jas. Kelly
Chas. Queen
Pat. Queen
Rich. Murphy
John Murphy
Pat. Conlon
John McCory
Pat. Calaghan
Chas. Calaghan
Paul Meekan
Owen McCreesh
Terence McCreesh
Owen Loy
Terence Loy
Terence Kelly
Edw. Kelly
Arthur O'Neill
Francis Hughes
Bryan Woods
Dan. O'Hanlon
Francis Calaghan
John McCory
Jas. McParlan
John Quin
Jas. Mcguill
Peter McCay
Pat. Murphy
Thos. Murphy
Thos. Rull
Pat. Meley
Hugh Donnelly
Pat. McRun
Thos. Kelly
Geo. McEver
Geo/Jr. McEver
Jas. McEver
Dan. McLoy
Edw. McLoy
Arthur Kelly
Peter Kelly
Luke McEver
Hugh Maickan
John Maickan
Pat. Maickan
John Heraty
Bryan Heraty
Terence Heraty
Pat. Casey
Owen Maickan
Mich. McElroy
Mich. McCann
Jn. McDermot
Mich. Garvey
Thos. Johnston
Jn. Goray
Bryan Duffy
Jn. Pyer
Bryan Cromy
Jas. McShane
Bryan McCoy
Bryan Reed
Bryan Maickan
Pat. Carr
Cornelius McCoy
Denis Donally
Terence Hughes
Terence Henry
Henry Owen
Dulaghan Owen
Pat. Duffey
Pat Toner
Pat. Connell
Terence Caragher
Thomas Maicken
Terence McShane
Peter Raverty
Jas. Branigan
Denis Lappan
Bryan Maickan
Teague Lappan
Bryan McCory
Francis Short
John Quigly
Mich. Calaghan
Pat. Calaghan
Collogly Owen
Pat. Caraher
Pat. McVeagh
Peter McArdle
Bryan Loy
Dan. McHanly
Doctor McVeagh
Edw. Short
John Reynolds
Jas. Connell
Jas. McGulikan
Jas Donelly
Pat. McGogan
Pat. Fegan
Peter Loy
Dan. Murray
Neal Freel
Bryan Hanrally
A. Murphy
John O'Calaghan
John Herley
A. Grahams
Bryan Seentry
Cormick Bennet
Neal Murphy
Henry Hughes
Mich. Grahames
Hu. Grahames
Jas. Molly
Neale Cromey
Owen Maley
Owen Curren
Jas. Duffy
Pat. Duffy
Pat. Murphy
Pat. McDonell
Pat. Conroy
Pat. McKenna
Owen McKevit
John Molly
Peter Crawly
Peter Heroly
Terence Heraly
Thos. Murphy
Mich. Veldon
A. O'Neal
Thos. McKenna
Francis McKay
Owen Cullen
Mich. Murphy
Pat. Moan
A. McCann
A. McCoey
Wm. Quigly
Pat. Tute
Francis Murphy
Bryan Donelly
Terence Donelly
Pat. McEver
James McEver
Paul Murphy