In 2006 the Ulster Historical Foundation was commissioned by the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland (PHSI) to help it develop a website that would provide information about the Society. Part of the project was also to make available online a digitised version of A History of Congregations. This had been published in 1982 as A History of Congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1610-1982. It included brief accounts of over 600 congregations. In 1996, in association with the Ulster Historical Foundation, A supplement of additions, emendations and corrections with an index was published.

Story of Presbyterians

The idea to digitise the congregational histories, combining the History of Congregations and the Supplement, and make them available as an online database was first suggested in 1995. This work did not progress due to a lack of technical skills and finance on the part of the PHSI. This matter was revived in 2005 when the PHSI made a presentation of their work to the Ulster Scots Agency and secured financial support. The role of the Ulster Historical Foundation was to co-ordinate the project, working with the web designer (BRS Systems) and PHSI to produce the new website. A new category of membership was created to allow people to make use of the online facilities, such as access to the History of Congregations database. The new website was launched on 16 January 2008 and has received much acclaim.