The Scots in Ulster: the first Scottish migrations to Ulster, 1606–1641 surname map and pocket history was produced by the Ulster Historical Foundation in conjunction with Tourism Ireland and the Ulster-Scots Agency for the Stone Mountain Games in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2008. The purpose of the pocket history was to highlight to those celebrating their Scottish heritage at the Highland Games that there is more often than not an Irish dimension to their ancestry.

These A1 (folding to A5) maps list over 400 names of the first wave of Scottish settlers who migrated to Ulster between 1606 and 1641, all researched from the surviving documents of the time. The text was prepared by Dr William Roulston and the design was executed by Mark Thompson Design. Alongside the map, a series of display stands telling the story of the Scots in Ulster, and of the Scots-Irish migration to North America were produced.

Scots in ulster map cropped