Scottish Landlords

1. Monea Castle

Built by Malcolm Hamilton, a Scottish minister, who later became the Archbishop of Cashel. Monea is generally regarded as the finest surviving Plantation castle and has many Scottish architectural features.

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2. Rathmullan Priory

In the early seventeenth century Andrew Knox, bishop of Raphoe, converted part of the former monastic buildings in Rathmullan to a private house. He left his mark on the building through the corbelled corner turrets, the tall chimneys and the doorway with its carved stone frame.

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3. Derry's Walls

Begun in 1613 in the same year that the town of Derry was renamed Londonderry, the walls were completed in 1618. Today the walls survive almost intact and are the most important surviving 17th-century fortifications in the British Isles.

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4. Dunluce Castle

Built over a lengthy period, the man who left his mark on it more than any other was Sir Randal MacDonnell who became the 1st Earl of Antrim. He built an English-style manor house within the walls as well as other important additions.

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5. Springhill

Home to the Lenox-Conyngham family for more than 250 years. It was built in the 1690s by William Conyngham in a style that represented a break from the defensive buildings of the past. Today it is managed by the National Trust and is one of the most popular homes in Northern Ireland open to the public.


6. Killyleagh Castle

Built by Sir James Hamilton in the early 1610s. In 1614 it was described as ‘ane vere strong castle, the lyk is not in the northe’. In 1666 a second tower was added to give the front of the castle a more symmetrical appearance. It remains the private home of the Rowan Hamilton family, descendants of Sir James Hamilton.

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