Derry diocese testators pre-1641

Until 1858 a Consistorial Court in each diocese was responsible for granting probate and conferring on executors the authority to administer a testator’s estate. The index to wills probated in the Consistorial Court of Derry diocese – covering most of Co. Londonderry and portions of Cos Donegal and Tyrone – includes a significant number of testators in the period 1612–40.

Although the original testamentary papers were lost in 1922 in the destruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland, a number of abstracts of the wills listed below survive in different archives, including the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. The PRONI Name Search database can help in identifying these.

Testators Christian Name Testators Surname Status Residence Parish Year of Probate
David Aikeine [Aiken / Aikin] Tamlaght Tamlaght 1637
John Andrewes (or Androwes) Lislahard Termonamongan 1632
Anthony Ashbrig yeoman Londonderry Templemore 1635
John Bastard Termonamongan 1636
Joseph Bastard Termonamongan 1636
John Bathurst Urney 1630
Claud Baxter 1625
John Bennett Carnemaddy (?) 1622
John Bonhame Gannyvaughen Urney 1628*
Sampson Bowlsworth 1636
Robert Boyle Drumleif (?) 1626
David Bramson 1621
Thomas Brighte mariner Londonderry City Templemore 1636
Robert Buchanan (or Buquennan) Astava (?) 1623
Robert Burnes Ardekelly [Artikelly] Aghanloo 1628
Archibald Campbell Camus 1623
William Cergasse Killowen Killowen 1623
John Clarke Faughanvale Faughanvale 1623
John Clelland Gariduffe (?) 1633
Francis Clintonn Kilrea Kilrea 1636
Richard Cole Culmore Templemore 1620
Thomas Conne 1626
George Corbett Lifford Clonleigh 1624
William Cottesmore Londonderry City Templemore 1623
John Deane 1618
Andrew Delapp Argree (?) Clonleigh 1628 (nuncupative)
Emma Downes Moigh (?) 1630
Sir John Dromound Knight The Rashe 1625*
Allen Eglenton Donaghmore Donaghmore 1638
Thomas Espie Belmacallie Beg [Ballymacally Beg] Aghadowey 1636
William Fallowes Omagh Drumragh 1631
Baptist Fly Clondermott (nuncupative) Clondermot 1619
John Fulton Carnowne [Carnowen] Donaghmore 1638
Patrick Gamble (or Gemmill) Strabane Camus/Urney 1629*
Richard Geste Moning 1612*
Margaret Gibson Fathen [Fahan] Fahan 1632*
Peter Gibson Fahan Fahan 1634
John & Elizabeth Gilruffe 1622
William Giner Lifford Clonleigh 1625
John Glynne Lifford Clonleigh 1622
Richard Good Clagan Aghadoey [Aghadowey] 1640
James Gray (or Grey) Castlefin Donaghmore 1623*
Andrew Haddowie Strabane Camus 1635
George Halyburton Badoney 1639
Ellen Halyburton (orse Waghap) The Cortyn Badoney 1640
James Hamilton Donagheady 1637
Patrick Hamiltowne Minister Donagheady 1635
Alexander Harper Ballem Gorrie [Ballymagorry] Leckpatrick, Co. Tyrone 1636
John Hibbotes Luddan Fahan Lower 1631
Adam Hillhous Dunboe Dunboe 1635
Francis Hogsheard Strabane Camus/Urney 1623
John Howston Dunboe Dunboe 1628
Christopher Hunter Termonamongan Termonamongan 1638*
Eustice/Eustace Jones Ballykelly Tamlaght Finlagan 1633
John Knighton Agivey Agivey 1625
Hugh Lachlan 1627
Quentin Lamon 1628
John Lawson Newtownlimavady Drumachose 1640
Thomas Lewen Vintnerstown, Co Londonderry 1635
John Love Strabane Camus/Urney 1629*
Adam Lyndsay 1627
Margaret Lynne widow of William Lynne Londonderry Templemore 1629
James Lyon Argry [Annagary] Templecrone 1626*
James Machan 1624
James Magil Sheanriogh [Shanreagh(?)] Tamlaght Finlagan 1635
John Maine Strabane Camus/Urney 1638
John Mathers Donagheady Donagheady 1629*
John Mayres Donaghmore Donaghmore 1620*
Alexander Mayrshal 1622
Tirlogh McCarran 1628
John McCartnay/McCartney Clarehill Aghadoey [Aghadowey] 1637
Thomas McClellane/McClellan 1637
John McCrab 1627
Hugh McErlyn yeoman Ballyscullion Ballyscullion 1635
William McKeine 1631
Manus McKnower 1622
Daniel McMullen 1630
Alexander Melhuishe 1619
Robert Miller Fahan Fahan 1617*
David Mitchell Glencash Donagheady 1640
Adam Moderwell Donaghmore Donaghmore 1632*
James Montgomerie Lieutenant Ardstraw Ardstraw 1618*
John Moore Strabane Camus/Urney 1617
William Moore Castlederg Urney 1625*
William Moore Castlenegore(?) 1628
William Morton 1630
Matthew Murdoch [Murdock] Camus-Juxta-Mourne Magilligan 1631
Joan Myles Ballykelly Tamlaght Finlagan 1626
James Myrrine 1638
William Nelson (or Nilson) Coleraine Coleraine 1628
Hugh O’Corran 1620
Owen O’Hagan gentleman Shancollagh Ballynascreen 1637
Patrick O’Lacan yeoman Kilcronaghan Kilcronaghan 1628
Donagh O’Linshahan Moville Moville 1623
Manus McGullriogh O’Mollen yeoman Balteagh Balteagh 1615
Owen McShane Murray O’Mollen gentleman Ballymullon (?) 1638
Henry Pritty Vintnerstown (?) 1631
James Quaintain Drumachose Drumachose 1625
John Read Goldsmiths [Company] Clondermot 1625
John Reid Desertoghill (nuncupative) Desertoghill 1632
John Richardson Gent Clonleigh Clonleigh 1617*
John Richardson Castlefin Donaghmore 1628
Edward Roan gentleman Faughanvale Faughanvale 1617
Nicholas Robarts Ballindreat [Ballindrait] Clonleigh 1622
John Roberts Gent Termonamongan 1638
Christian Robinsone widow 1623
Henry Sadler alderman Londonderry Templemore 1618
Helen Sempill widow of William Sempill, merchant Londonderry City Templemore 1635
Stephen Smart Muff Muff 1629
William (junior) Smeeden Yeoman Castlederg Urney 1629
Thomas Speere Desertoghil (nuncupative) Desertoghill 1636
Robert Steinsone (or Stevenson) Bellienay [Bellany] Dunboe 1623
Thomas Sterling (or Striviling) yeoman Newtown Limavady Drumachose 1636
Thomas Stevenson (or Stevinson) Carpenter Cullydromond Urney 1622
Alexander Steynings gentleman Londonderry Templemore 1621
Robert Stinstoan (or Stevenson) Leck Drumachose 1630
Michael Stronge Swords Dublin 1623
Robert Thomson merchant Londonderry City Templemore 1638
John Walton gentleman Ballykelly Tamlaght Finlagan 1619
Michael Wanderford Very Rev Dean of Derry,Londonderry Templemore 1638
Thomas West blacksmith Londonderry City Templemore 1628
James Wetherspoon Snap Maker Strabane Camus/Urney 1623
Ralph Whyte gentleman Londonderry City Templemore 1631
Thomas Wilkes 1622
Richard Willan Termonamongan 1636
Claud Willson Donagheady 1636
George Willson 1640
David Willyames Ballyboggan [Ballybogan] Clonleigh 1622
John Wilson Gent Strabane Camus/Urney 1620*
John (junior) Wood (or Wod) Geilstown(?) 1627
Archibald Young Donagheady 1638
Thomas Young Strabane Camus/Urney 1635

* beside year indicates date of will rather than date of probate