Ballynahinch Presbyterian Records

These records are reproduced here with the permission of Mr Julian Armstrong. The Ulster Historical Foundation would like to thank Mr Armstrong for allowing us to include these records on our website.

Historical Accounts of the Presbyterian Congregations of Ballynahinch, Dromara, Kilmore and Drumcaw now Clough, all in the County of Down, Ireland, with a transcript from the original Registers of the Congregation of Ballynahinch from the 21st August 1696 to 1734 by the late John Strong Armstrong of 31 Eccles St. Dublin and of Ballynahinch, Coy. Down

The initial draft of the Parish Histories was written 1st. June 1822 by JSA’s elder brother the Revd. Dr. James Armstrong & completed by JSA over the next ten years, c.1832. The transcription from the original Registers of Ballynahinch was completed by him probably about the same time, and was checked and verified by the Revd. Dr. James. All of this work has been microfiched, but in order to convert it to digital, and therefore a more widely available and more easily searchable format, I have converted it [laboriously!] to typescript.

Spelling and punctuation have been modernised in places in order to make the text more readable, but in the main I have tried to keep to JSA’s version. The spelling of names of people [which I have put in bold] and places in the Register is extremely variable and inconsistent, and in many cases phonetic, so searches should best be carried out using variations of spelling, accordingly. Some help may be obtained from the Index of Names, which includes those of people and places. Sometimes, similar-sounding names do not even start with the same letter.

History of Ballynahinch Congregations