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Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Assisted Research Programme - 2024

06th October 2024 - 11th October 2024
This enhanced research programme gives you the chance to spend a whole week researching in the archives – being guided and supported by our team of researchers



Whether you are new to Irish family history or have previously participated in one of our family history events and courses, the expert genealogists of the Ulster Historical Foundation will be on hand during this new programme to guide you at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and the archives around the city of Belfast.

This enhanced research programme gives you the chance to spend a whole week researching in the archives –being guided and supported by our team of researchers each day. It offers you a great opportunity to break down any genealogical brick walls and unlock your family history.

This programme will have a maximum capacity of 30 people meaning that you will experience more one-on-one time with our research team than you would at any other of our conferences and classes. As our team know the archives and how to mine the information for your family tree, working closer with our researchers will greatly improve your knowledge of and experience in using the archives, as well as improving your chances of success.

Trace your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors with Ulster Historical Foundation. Join us for the journey. We will be delighted to see you.

Delegates will have access to the expertise and knowledge of our team for the full five day programme.

The programme will begin the first morning with a course on Irish genealogy. These presentations will benefit both the novice and those with some experience of Irish research and will be designed in such a way that you can hit the ground running when you enter the archives. After this first morning, your week will be spent in the archives of Belfast working alongside our researchers to help you find that elusive Irish Ancestor.


What's Included?

Register now for our 2024 Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Assisted Research Programme with a deposit of just £350. The full price of our October 2024 research programme is £899.

Places are limited and are expected to fill up fast so places will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis

Given the current low value of sterling (GBP) against other currencies now is a particularly good time for overseas visitors to purchase. The present exchange rate values will ensure overseas delegates can make a very tidy saving on the cost.

What's Included?

What is included in the price? For all those taking part in Researching Your Irish Ancestors the following is included:

  • Research assistance by professional genealogists in the archives of Belfast.
  • Irish Family History guidance materials
  • Three evening meals
  • Five morning tea/coffee
  • Five lunches
  • Personal Research assessment
  • Personal face-to-face discussion time with our researchers
  • Two morning lectures on key genealogical topics
  • Lunchtime lectures on family history

Travel and Accommodation

Please note that travel to and from Northern Ireland and accommodation are not included in the price, and delegates will need to make their own reservations for accommodation during the Researching your Irish Ancestors event.

To allow you to reserve the accommodation of your choice, and which suits your own needs/interests. Click the "Travel and Accommodation" tab for more information

Please note: Ulster Historical Foundation does not endorse or favour any accommodation provider over any other.

Archive Information

As there are capacity limits at some of the archives we will be visiting, there is a maximum number of delegates that can be accommodated.

To avoid disappointment, if you, or your travel companion, wish to visit any particular archive, please make sure you confirm your choice of archive as soon as possible after completing your registration.


Bookings cancelled by 31 January 2024 will receive a 80% refund. Cancellations received between 01 February 2024 and 30 April 2024 will receive a 60% refund. Cancellations received between 01 May 2024 and 30 June 2024 will receive a 40% refund. Any cancellation from 01 July 2024 will receive a 20% refund. Cancellations due to medical conditions will be treated as sympathetically as possible.

In the unlikely event that the Foundation has to cancel Researching Your Irish Ancestors due to insufficient registrations, full refunds will be provided.

Travel & Accommodation

Accommodation for our 2024 programme is not included in this event package. There are however a number of hotels close to Belfast’s historic Titanic Quarter which would merit consideration.

The hotels located within the Titanic Quarter are also within walking distance of PRONI.

Important Note: As most of the time during this programme will be spent at PRONI it might be worthwhile looking at the hotels closest to the archive.

These hotels include:

There are also a number of hotels close to Belfast’s historic Cathedral Quarter which would merit consideration.

The Malmaison and Merchant hotels are located in historic buildings and have an excellent reputation but can be expensive. The Ramada Encore and Premier Inn would be cheaper options. Alternatively, you may wish to stay elsewhere in Belfast or its vicinity. Go to to check out accommodation options.

A number of delegates in the past have also rented serviced-apartments within walking distance of the Titanic Quarter and usually this can prove to be incredibly cost effective.

However, the Foundation is unaware of how these delegates made their bookings in the past but a quick google can illuminate a number of rental options.

The image to the right shows an area in Belfast close to the to the pick-up point each morning. It is recommended that delegates stay within this area as complications might arise with regards to travel if you are further outside this area.

Radius 768x708
Image of Belfast - Radius
It is recommended that any hotel booked during the duration of this programme should be located within this circle


  • Silhouette of person profile image
    If you're wondering whether to engage UHF's services or attend one of their conferences I can assure you that you'll experience absolute quality. I attended the June 2016 UHF conference and to sum it up - I attended a genealogy holiday. If you want to: meet like-minded people, have professional research assistance, eat really well, enjoy field trips that will show you the things that make Ireland amazing, meet new friends from around the world and enhance your own genealogy knowledge - this is a high quality conference you won't be sorry you spent money on! On top of all that the staff at UHF are friendly, know their stuff, well organised and prepared to accommodate your last minute change (if they can). My only complaint is that it ended! But, I've already decided that I'm going to attend another one in a few years time. Yes, it's that good!
    Davina Hughes – Waipa, New Zealand
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    Great conference UHF! It was very Informative, well organized, friendly, and fun. Looking forward to my next one
    Suzanne Billings – Pennsylvania, USA
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    I attended the September 2017 conference and it was a wonderful experience. I knew some basic information about my Irish ancestors, but this course took me so much further. I found the pre-conference course really useful before going to PRONI to search for documents. The presenters and other staff at UHF were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Having staff and volunteers to help at PRONI was invaluable. They found in five minutes what it would have taken me five hours to discover. That’s experience for you! The tours were well chosen and a great idea for friends and spouses who didn’t want to spend time researching. The meals were great and everyone got on well, having a common interest. The whole conference was interesting, rewarding, fun and well organised. A great experience!
    Catherine Quinn – Queensland, Australia
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    The Ulster Historical Foundation provided an excellent family history conference. The opportunities for research and tours were beyond what I expected. The food and atmosphere of the places we ate was wonderful. The staff of the historical foundation made sure we were either happily doing research or learning about Ireland through their informative tours. Thank you Ulster Historical Foundation for a GREAT experience!
    Sandra Morrison – USA
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    I thought it was an excellent conference, well organized, interesting tours, knowledgeable and friendly staff. A great way to explore and learn about Ireland while researching my family history.
    Julie Connelly – Canada
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    This was one of the best organized events I have attended! The conference was fun, and I learned a lot about the people, history, and structure of not just Ulster, but all of Ireland. Logistically, the staff have it down. Everything works on time, and in a pleasant, helpful way. Presenters and staff are knowledgeable, and committed to helping everyone get the most out of the experience. They planned so many wonderful experiences, and the food was incredible! My scale tells me that every day....Having a chance to meet so many others interested in the same "stuff" made it even more fun. An all around terrific conference - I would like to do it again in a few years. (Trip Advisor)
    Patricia McKlem – Arizona, USA
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    I have attended the Family History Conference for two years in a row so it must be worthwhile and fun! I have enjoyed the tours to many beautiful and historic places. The UHF staff takes great care of the attendees whether researching or touring. There were single attendees and couples, all searching for ancestors and enjoying our time together. Belfast is great city to visit and explore!
    Jane Van Nort – USA
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    The time I spent in Northern Ireland with the group organized and led by the Ulster Historical Foundation was among the very best holidays I have ever enjoyed. It is very difficult to imagine how it could have been better.
    Murray Barkley – Canada
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    So many little touches added to the quality of the conference experience. It was a brilliant idea to list attendees' research interests in the program booklet. Also, I very much appreciated Fintan's sharing poetry and history and other treasures in the form of commentary on the bus tours as we traveled.
    Martha Kaiser – USA
  • Silhouette of person profile image
    I attended one of your family history conferences in October 2015 and was impressed by the depth and breadth of historical knowledge conveyed during the conference. Thank you very much for sponsoring all of the family history conferences and for publishing books on Ireland and family history. The UHF performs a valuable service that is greatly appreciated by people throughout the world. Many thanks for the work that you do.
    Mary Schranz – Wisconsin, U. S. A.