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  • Antrim and Argyll - Some Aspects of the Connections
  • Dewey Decimal Number: 941.612 ROUL
  • No. of Copies: 2
  • Author: William Roulston
  • Publisher: Ulster Historical Foundation
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Edition: Second
  • Publisher City: Belfast
  • No. of Pages: 168
  • ISBN: 9781909556638
  • Format: Paperback
  • Location (Bay/Shelf):
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Antrim and Argyll: Some Aspects of the Connections explores the connections between Antrim and Argyll, from the earliest times. The contributors examine the prehistoric and medieval connections, Gaelic culture, musical traditions and migration from Argyll to North Carolina involving Antrim flaxseed traders. The book provides fascinating insights in to the shared heritage of people from these parts of Ulster and Scotland. Written by scholars in Northern Ireland and Scotland, this book explores and reflects on a number of aspects of these links, including archaeology, history, musicology and linguistics.

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Donated - 2018
  • Antri and Argyll


  • Social History
  • Cultural History
  • Antri and Argyll