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Admiral Lord Molyneux Shuldham, c. 1717–98

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 28, 2012


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by Rosalind Hadden

Longford’s Very Able Seaman who first brought the Declaration of Independence to England

"During thirty-one years working in London, I shared in a little Georgian terrace house in a back street off the Edgware Road: Shouldham Street W1. Four storeys high, with a tiny railed basement area in front and a small walled yard connecting with the yards and houses of Molyneux Street beyond. Why ‘Shouldham’ Street? I wondered.

To the local library, where I found that both street names commemorated Molyneux Lord Shuldham [no ‘o’], a British admiral who fought in the Seven Years’ War (1756–63) and in the War of American Independence and died in 1798, after these two streets had been built. But who was this admiral?"

This article examines the life of Admiral Lord Molyneux Shuldham, who was born in Ireland in about 1717 and died at Lisbon in 1798, and the many Irish connections through his life.