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Fr. Willie (Bill) Devine

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 03, 1987


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By Rev. Desmond Mullan

"Fr. William Devine, a native of Castlederg, was ordained in 1912 and was later sent on a temporary mission to act as Secretary to Archbishop Mannix of Melbourne, Australia. Archbishop Mannix had been president of Maynooth when Fr. Devine was a student.

It was during his time as President that the Archbishop had to act as host when King Edward VII and the Queen paid a state visit to Maynooth.

A few years later when Archbishop Mannix had been speaking strongly against the withholding of Home Rule he was arrested on the high seas by a British destroyer, an incident which he himself was later to describe as the greatest British naval victory since Trafalgar."

This article looks at the life of Fr. William Devine, who served as Secretary to Archbishop Mannix of Melbourne, Australia, army chaplain to the Australian forces, member of the Chinese Mission, and more.