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The Laird Family of Bogstown, Shantallow

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 24, 2008


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by Bruce A. Laird

Co. Londonderry: Settlers and Emigrants

"As a third-generation Australian ‘baby boomer’ born in 1959, when I was growing up people would often say to me ‘Laird, that’s a good Scottish name!’ Like most families in Australia, with the exception of the indigenous inhabitants, my forefathers had immigrated to Australia.

As an inquisitive kid I often asked my parents where the Laird’s came from and the answer was normally a simple ‘Ireland’. As a teenager in Australia I grew up in a multi-cultural society with other kids who were Asian, Italian, Greek and Pommy (English) alike."

In this article, Bruce A. Laird searches for his family roots driven by a basic question, ‘why was my name Scottish and yet my family came from Ireland?’

His search brings him to the Laird Family of Bogstown, Shantallow.