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Buick of Ahogill: The Reverend Frederick Buick

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 24, 2008


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by Eull Dunlop

Some centenary reflections on the lineage and links of the Reverend Frederick Buick: 1811?–1908

"Invited to contribute an historical word or two at a modest cultural event in Cullybackey Orange Hall, County Antrim, on 5 July 2008, I took as my immediate text (the Presbyterian metaphor is altogether appropriate) the name of a building which stands further up that village’s Main Street: the Buick Memorial Primary School. Several factors were at play.

First, there was the suggestion from one quarter that that title had first been applied exactly one hundred years ago.

Secondly, a century had certainly passed since the death of the equally worthy father of the individual whom the school has long commemorated.

And, thirdly, my recent attendance at the Centre for Migration Studies, Omagh, County Tyrone, for the XVIIth Ulster-American Heritage Symposium, with all its genealogical implications, had kept the fact of migration, over whatever distance and between whichever locations, at the front of my mind."

In this article, Eull Dunlop reviews aspects of a family history which stretches from Arbroath in eastern Scotland to Ahoghill and nearby Cullybackey in north-eastern Ireland and far beyond.