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Ceneal Moain and the O’Gormleys in East Donegal and West Tyrone

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 06, 1990


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by Dr. Brian Deeny

"The history of Ceneal Moain is essentially that of the O'Gormley (O Gairmleadhaigh) family, who were lords of Ceneal Moain, with only short intervals of rule by O'Looney, (O Luinigh) and O'Flaherty (O'Laverty, O Flaithbearthaigh) during the recorded history of this notable confederation.

From the accompanying genealogy, a number of the families known to have comprised Ceneal Moain can be identified, and most of them can still be met in the Ceneal Moain area.

The family of O'Gormley monopolises most of the genealogy, but the origin of O'Loony is also clearly stated, while that of O'Flaherty enjoys a separate entry.

O'Patton (O Peatain) is omitted from O'Clery's but is included in Mac Firbis's Ceneal Moain genealogies (RIA 23 M 17; 23 M 17,419).

This article traces the history of the O'Gormley family, a branch of the Ceneal Moain lineage within the northern Ui Neill dynasty."