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1901 Census Enumerators’ Returns Online

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 17, 2001


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by Margaret Brennand

"From 2 January 2002 researchers will be able to have access to the 1901 Census returns for England and Wales, held at the Public Records Office in Kew. This date is eagerly awaited by family historians worldwide.

Unlike the census returns for Ireland which have been available for public consultation in the National Archives, Dublin, for some years, those for England and Wales are subject to a hundred year closure.

The census returns are undoubtedly the Public Record Office's most popular historical records; being a key source for those researching family trees, local areas or the history of a house. They also provide much of the raw data for local, social and economic historians."

This article looks at when the 1901 Census was placed online.