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Sir Crawford McCullagh: Belfast Merchant Prince

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 27, 2011


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by David S. Cook

"Belfast City Hall is by any standards a fine building. Completed in 1906, it signifies the city’s industrial prowess at a time when it was the fastest-growing city in the United Kingdom and had outstripped Dublin as the principal city on the island of Ireland. The city council has recently improved access to it for the visiting public, whose attention is attracted by the rows of paintings of former Lord Mayors. There are now so many of them that they stretch almost all the way round the first floor corridor of the City Hall. Like their subjects, those portraits are of variable quality."

This article examines the life of Sir Crawford McCullagh, who, in his long and active public life, was Lord Mayor of Belfast during both the First and the Second World Wars.