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Two Divided Countries: Canada and Ireland

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 08, 1992


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by M. Perceval-Maxwell

"The primary interest of those attending this conference is family history. This branch of the discipline has an obvious impact upon local history, but when accumulated, it also contributes to our understanding of the macro-historical trends which determine the nature of our world.

Migration of population, for instance, consists in essence of a large number of individual and family decisions to move from one place to another, and migration, in turn, creates political and cultural minorities and majorities whose interaction has had a profound effect upon the civilization in which we live.

As we observe current events, it is obvious that one of the major social challenges that we face is to find a way in which such cultural and political minorities and majorities may flourish and yet live in proximity with one another and in harmony."

This article offers a historical perspective on the current divisions within Canada and Ireland.