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A Co. Down Pedigree: How One Scotsman Discovered His Ulster Roots

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 04, 1988


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by Harry D. Watson

"I was born in the East Fife fishing village of Crail, and brought up in neighbouring Cellardyke, where my paternal ancestors had been fishermen and sailors for generations.

My mother's father and grandfather had been fishermen in Crail, and in fact out of my four grandparents only my mother's mother Elisabeth Peebles (nee Stephenson) had come from south of the Firth of Forth.

My mother knew little about her Stephenson ancestors, and could only tell me that they were originally from the Borders, but had later moved up to Edinburgh. Also, intriguingly, there was supposed to be an Irish "granny" somewhere in the Stephenson line.

When I finally got down to tracing my family tree in earnest, about eight years ago, one of my first priorities was to locate and find out more about my mysterious Irish ancestor."

In this article, the author details his search to find his Irish ancestors and Ulster roots.