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A Note on Some Old Dublin Cemeteries and Burial Practices in Penal Times

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 01, 1985


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By Sean Murphy

"Influenced by the work of transcribing tombstone inscriptions being carried out by the Ulster Historical Foundation in the north and by Brian J. Cantwell and E. J. McAuliffe in the south, the writer has begun a preliminary survey of some old Dublin cemeteries. One is soon struck by the fact that in the period before the 1820s both Catholics and Protestants shared the same places of burial.

However, this apparent ecumenism was due to the fact that the penal laws operated to prevent non-members of the Established Church of Ireland maintaining seperate graveyards.

This situation was a cause of great irritation to Catholics, the more so as their clergy were forbidden to perform full burial services within the confines of Protestant-controlled burial places."

This article looks at some old Dublin cemeteries and the history of the penal laws and burial practices in those locations.