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Emigration and Education in Post-Famine Co. Londonderry

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 24, 2008


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by Mary Wack

The Case of the McCloskey Family

"As far as I knew from previous research and family history documents, my ancestors from the townland of the Leeke in Bovevagh parish, north Co. Londonderry, attended religious schools whose records (if there were any) did not survive. The school building itself was known through a family letter to have perished by 1900.

In the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) I nonetheless ordered up, as a shot in the dark, the girls’ register for Largy National School (SCH/149/1/2) close to both Leeke townland and the town of Limavady. The handsomely built school still stands, and indeed taught pupils until June 2008, and so could not have been the ancestral school. Yet on an overseas research trip, better to leave no stone unturned."

In this article, Mary Wack examines her ancestors, the McCloskey family, with special emphasis on their school experiences, and their opinions of those experiences.