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Enterprise, Industrial Development and Social Planning: Quakers and the Emergence of the Textile Industry in Ireland

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 09, 1993


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by Arthur P. Williamson

"This article examines two Quaker industrial settlements in Ireland which were developed in the early and mid-nineteenth century. It throws new light on the origins of the model housing movement and on Quaker preoccupation with the concept of the ideal industrial community in the context of the beginnings of industrialization in Ireland.

The second part of the article considers the founders of Portlaw and Bessbrook in the light of what may be learned of their motivation and of the social philosophies which would have shaped their approach to enterprise, industrial development and social planning.

Linkages with New Lanark and other influences on the Irish developments are explored and suggested influences on Cadbury's celebrated experiment at Bournville are discussed."

This article looks at two industrial settlement of the Quakers and the emergence of the textile industry in Ireland.