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Free Citizens of Dublin: The Genealogical Significance

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 02, 1986


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By Mary Clark

"The term 'Free Citizens of Dublin' is applied to those people who held the municipal franchise of Dublin during the period 1192-1918. In other words, the Free Citizens of Dublin were those who had the right to be represented on the municipal governing body, the Dublin City Assembly.

The Free Citizens should not be confused with the 'Honorary Freedom of Dublin', an entirely separate privilege which was instituted in 1876 and is still maintained today.

The Honorary Freedom of Dublin is conferred on those who have performed distinguished service to the city, and on important visitors to Dublin.

The Roll of Honorary Freedom includes such names as Hilton Edwards and Michael Mac Liammoir, founders of the Dublin Gate Theatre; and the Crown Prince and Princess of Japan, who visited Dublin in 1985."

This article looks at the significance of the 'Free Citizens of Dublin' - people who had the right to be represented on the Dublin City Assembly.