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Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey Maps (Clones and Roslea, 1907)



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The large scale plans of the Ordnance Survey are quite unique. In a clear and attractive manner they have portrayed our towns and villages in detail over the last 150 yeas. They show not just the streets but virtually every house; the complete track layouts of railways and tramways are given; factories, mills and docks are all shown. The maps contain al the fascinating minutiae that is the lifeblood of history and have become the most complete record of the places where our ancestors lived and worked.

The Godfrey Edition is a major undertaking to reprint these maps, in a convenient and affordable form, for towns throughout the country. This map will delight local historians, genealogists and all who are interested in the history of Northern Ireland and its towns.

Large scale map of Clones; Monaghan sheet 11.16. On the reverse a map of the Fermanagh village of Roslea. Historical introduction by Seamas Mac Annaidh.

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