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An Ulster connection with medicine in the Gold Coast and the Spanish Civil war The careers of David and Charles Duff

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 33, 2017


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On Easter Monday 24 April 1916, two brothers from Enniskillen met by arrangement at Amiens Street Station

(now Connolly Station) in Dublin. David Duff, the elder of the two, was 33 and had been serving as a medical

officer in the West African Medical Service in the Gold Coast since 1910. (The Gold Coast, on the Gulf of Guinea, had been a British colony since 1867. In 1957 it gained its independence as Ghana.) He had recently returned to the United Kingdom after an adventurous voyage on the RMS Appam, a Harland and Wolff built passenger liner operated by the Elder Dempster line, which had been captured by the Imperial German Navy commerce raider SMS Möwe (Seagull), on 15 January 1916, 135 miles east of Madeira