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John Ballance, New Zealand Premier 1891-1893: Irish Origins & Influences

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 05, 1989


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by Dr. Tim McIvor

"On the 27 April 1893 the Premier of New Zealand, John Ballance, died in office after a long illness. When his death was announced the country stood still. Public servants were sent home, meetings cancelled and court cases adjourned. Flags flew at half-mast.

After little more than two years in power Ballance had become one of New Zealand's most popular leaders. Thousands turned out at his funeral, watching in silence as the horse-drawn carriage and cortege moved slowly through the streets of central Wellington.

The New Zealand native wood kauri coffin was lowered into a simple grave at the public cemetery in Wanganui, the town Ballance had made his home."

This article looks at John Ballance - son of a Glenavy tenant farmer - and the enormous impact he made on the New Zealand political scene.