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Colonel John Phillips of South Carolina

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 05, 1989


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by Frank Phillips

His Claim for Losses in the War of Independence

"When I wrote an article for Familia Vol. 2, No.4, 1988, describing my interest in the story of John Phillips, Colonel of a regiment of loyal militia in the State of Carolina during the American War of Independence, I had no idea that the same issue of Familia would contain Miss Eileen Black's authoritative paper on Captain Alexander Chesney, another who fought for the Crown during that War and who was a contemporary and friend of John Phillips.

The two men had much in common, with their Old Country roots in the Ballymena area of County Antrim and both emigrating to South Carolina within a couple of years of each other, and it was with Phillips that Chesney and his family first lodged on arrival in Carolina.

When the War was over, both men returned to Ulster to end their days, and both were well-known to Lord Cornwallis and Lord Rawdon, whose names were given, as a second Christian name, to Chesney's children."

This article looks at the fascinating details of Colonel John Phillips' claim on the British Government for compensation after the American War of Independence.