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Tracing Kee and McKee Genealogy: Using Pedigrees & DNA

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 28, 2012


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by David McFarland, Robert J. McKee, William E. Howard III

"This is a story of how three amateur genealogists engaged in a joint quest to find our ancestral Kee and McKee lines. We begin the story with three individual accounts of what we knew about our own line and we then outline our collaboration, including the pursuit of DNA results.

We then discuss the process by which we tied pedigrees to a phylogenetic tree with its associated time scale. From this process we finally show how all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle began to yield sets of relationships that might not have been possible without the communication and willingness to share a mutual interest that each of us put into our collaboration."

In this article, the authors discuss how they engaged in a joint project to find their ancestral Kee and McKee lines.