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  • Old Families of Larne
  • Old Families of Larne
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Old Families of Larne and District (Gravestone Inscriptions, Co. Antrim Vol. 4) (eBook)

by R. S. J. Clarke


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Old Families of Larne and District is the fourth volume for County Antrim in our Gravestone Inscriptions Series and our thirty-first overall.

This volume covers the following burial grounds:

  • Dromain
  • Kilwaughter
  • Kilwaughter Old
  • Larne and Inver Old (St Cedma's)
  • Larne and Kilwaughter Non-Subscribing Presbyterian
  • Larne First Presbyterian
  • McGarel and St McNissi`s Roman Catholic

Additional information is supplied on families using will abstracts and biographical notes. The book also includes a detailed bibliography of the area and a summary guide to sources for local and family history for the Larne district.