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Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 08, 1992


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by Sean O Suilleabhain

"Leitrim, one of Ireland's thirty-two counties, is in the province of Connacht, in the North-West of Ireland. It is exceptionally rural with its biggest town, Carrick-on-Shannon, having no more than 2,000 population.

It is shaped like a figure eight and at it's greatest length it stretches for almost 70 miles from the Co. Longford border to Tullaghan village on the Atlantic Ocean.

Even by Irish standards it is an exceptionally beautiful, unspoilt, unpolluted and friendly county. The lack of any major industry, a problem in other ways, has helped to maintain it's legendary heritage and character."

This article discusses how to trace your Leitrim ancestors.