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Family Migration to New Zealand: A Case Study of the Bassett Family

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 05, 1989


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by John Bassett

A Case Study of the Bassett Family of Ballygawley, Downpatrick, Co. Down

"In pursuing genealogical research on an amateur basis over many years, a number of features which I initially thought were unique to my own family I now recognise are part of a wider pattern involving a large number of emigrants from Ulster over a considerable period of time.

Having lived in Inch parish, north of Downpatrick, Co. Down for at least two hundred and fifty years, my family has provided its fair share of emigrants, particularly to New Zealand.

The factors which contributed to this migration were the usual ones of large families; increased pressure on, and lower returns from, land at home; frequent advertisements in the local press offering cheap fares and sometimes free land; and encouraging reports concerning gold findings in Australia and New Zealand."

In this article, the author looks at his own family - The Bassett Family - and their migration to New Zealand.