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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained – A Case Study in Long-Distance Irish Genealogical Research

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 06, 1990


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by Dave Mitchell

"Living in South Africa, my early genealogical research focused on my more South African forebears, which has revealed for me descent from many interesting people from many parts of the world - Thompsons from Yorkshire, Overbeeks from Amsterdam, German and French immigrants that include the Huguenot Pierre de Klerk, ancestor of our South African State President, and Susanna of Bambaser, an unknown slave.

But, again and again, I came back to the patrilineal line of Mitchell for that is my name, to Irish genealogy where the people are so friendly although the information is so elusive. It is surprising how, with a little creative effort and perseverance, information can indeed be forthcoming, and how little by little the mosaic of our past heritage can be put together.

But is my story a fairytale of success or a nightmare of frustration?"

In this article, the author examines his own long-distance research into his family history.