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The Eighteenth-Century Paper-Makers of the North of Ireland

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 20, 2004


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by Alison Muir

"The paper-making industry has admittedly only ever been a small part of the manufacturing economy of Ireland. Nonetheless, by the middle of the eighteenth century it had become associated with two progressive sectors of the economy – the publication of newssheets and newspapers and aspects of the linen industry and linen trade – closely enough for it to gain some significance of its own.

This was achieved principally through the contributions of Francis Joy (1697–1790) and Daniel Blow (1718–1810) who would in turn become the most renowned paper-makers in the north of Ireland."

This article examines paper-makers and the paper-making industry in Northern Ireland, looking closely at the contributions of Francis Joy & Daniel Blow.

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