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The Phillips Families of Ulster and South Carolina

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 04, 1988


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"The earliest knowledge of its origins possessed by one Irish family named Phillips goes back to a James Phillips born at or near Fethard, Tipperary in 1790, whose grandfather had fought in the English Army in the War of American Independence, remained in America and resided in Carolina.

His son had followed him, leaving behind two boys­ James and Thomas, who - whilst boys - were ruined by the Rebellion of 1798, James going on to live in Dublin and his brother Thomas settling in Cork.

A considerable number of descendants of these boys have been traced, revealing a family possessing outstanding artistic and musical talents and a coat of arms identical to that of the ancient family of Philipps of Picton Castle, Dyfed, Wales, but with the Barrington motto 'Honesta quam splendida'."

This article looks at the Phillips families, which date back at least as far as a James Phillips of Fethard, Tipperary, who was born in 1790.