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A Dated Phylogenetic Tree of M222 SNP Haplotypes

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 27, 2011


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by John D. McLaughlin, William E. Howard III

Exploring the DNA of Irish and Scottish surnames and possible ties to Niall and the Uí Néill kindred

"A new approach to analyze Y-DNA haplotypes has been published recently. An initial database containing 172 testees whose Y-DNA carries the M222 SNP was briefly discussed.

These articles develop a time scale, called a Revised Correlation Coefficient, or RCC that can be used to investigate the evolutionary relationships that tie genetics to genealogy, history, and anthropology over tens of thousands of years by analyzing various clusters of haplotypes. The time scale has been calibrated with over 100 pedigrees, so that one RCC is equivalent to just under 50 years.

This paper uses the test results assembled by the Family Tree DNA’s R-M222 Project to derive a phylogenetic tree directly from a more extensive list of testees’ Y-DNA 37-marker sequences."