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The Research Value of the Registry of Deeds: A Case Study

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 19, 2003


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by Duncan Scarlett

"IT WAS ONE OF THOSE AWKWARD SEARCHES in the sparse records of the eighteenth century made even more difficult by the lack of a specific parish or townland on which to focus.

The client was seeking records of the marriage, somewhere in Ulster, circa 1766, of her Presbyterian ancestors, Joseph McFarland, born c.1747, and Katie Calhoun, born c.1751, the birth, c.1773, of their son, Samuel McFarland and information about his bride Margaret Jane (?) Fulton, born c.1777, location also unknown, and their emigration in 1793 or 1794."

This article examines the research value of the Registry of Deeds.