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Robert Hyndman’s Censuses of Belfast; 1782 & 1791

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review 1999


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by Sean Magee

"The Belfast News Letter of 25 Oct. 1791 contains a report of the population of Belfast and its suburbs taken by Mr Robert Hyndman on 1 Jan. 1782 and midsummer 1791.

Robert Hyndman has left us a record of Belfast in the second half of the eighteenth century which is of historical significance and charts the beginning of Belfast development as a great industrial town.

He recorded details of the number of males and females, the number of houses, the numbers involved in 24 named trades, details of two other businesses and the looms and jennies in use in the rag trade. He also quoted figures for population and houses in 1757."

This article looks at Robert Hyndman's Censuses of Belfast, which were written in 1782 and 1791.

PLEASE NOTE: This article does not contain any individual names, the census being an enumeration of occupations, houses and religions in Belfast.