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Nineteenth-Century Records in the Archives of the Royal Victoria Hospital

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 11, 1995


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by R. S. J. Clarke

"The Archives Office of the Royal Victoria Hospital is situated in the King Edward Building and has built up a valuable collection of material dating back to the opening of the first Dispensary and Fever Hospital in 1979.

This became the Belfast General Hospital in 1848, the Belfast Royal Hospital in 1875 and the Royal Victoria Hospital in 1899.

The material contents had clearly been accumulating over many years but the first Honorary Archivist was Dr R. S. Allison who took on the post after retiring from his post of Consultant Neurologist in 1964. He was followed by Dr H. G. Calwell in 1978, Dr J. S. Logan in 1986 and myself in 1993.

All have built up the archives in terms of the actual records and they have produced a stream of papers and books on the history of the hospital and medicine generally."

This article examines the archives of the Royal Victoria Hospital, which largely relates to the history, activities, students and staff of the hospital, with some material on related hospitals as well.