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Saldanha and that Elusive Ulster Ancestor

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 10, 1994


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by Ian McKeane

"A chance remark by my father many years ago stuck in my mind and was eventually to lead to research into my family history.

The remark was simple - 'one of your ancestors was drowned in Belfast Lough ...'

No more was forthcoming even when I returned to the subject, no hard information, no name, no dates.

Dad has been dead for more than thirty years now but various conversations with my aunt and uncles have provided the information that the ancestor was drowned in Lough Swilly while serving in the Royal Navy.

The ship was called something like Soldano and his name was Robert Rieves Kitson, Surgeon RN."

This article looks at the author's research into his great-great-uncle, who served as a surgeon on the Royal Navy ship Saldanha.