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Samuel Shannon Millin, 1864–1947 – Local Historian and Chronicler

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 29, 2013


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by Peter Froggatt

"Samuel Millin once occupied an acknowledged if modest place in the historiography of Belfast. Today he is largely forgotten: he left no known cache of personal papers, has attracted no biographer and is not included in standard compilations of Irish and Ulster Biographies. He appears not to have warranted even an obituary beyond a Notice.

Facts about him are accordingly sparse; and while Thomas Gradgrind's maxim (in Hard Times) that ‘facts alone are wanted in life’ is a harshly restrictive philosophy, facts are the essential elements on which a biographical body is built. Primarily, this article attempts to supply many of them; and should even the shadowy outline of a human character emerge it will be a welcome bonus."

This article attempts to supply many facts about Samuel Shannon Millin, such as his family background, his education, his interests, and his career.