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Springhill: The Old Ulster House (eBook)

by Mina Lenox-Conyngham


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Long-awaited, this reprint of the history of one of Ulster's most enchanting houses, Springhill near Moneymore, County Londonderry, will be an invaluable companion to those interested in the history of Mid-Ulster, the Plantation and Ulster families with Scottish origins.

Now owned and managed by the National Trust, the house and grounds retain a unique and delightful atmosphere. It was home to ten generations of the Conyngham (later the Lenox-Conyngham) family, and their story is richly documented from the family's own papers and told in a colourful narrative by the last chatelaine of the house, Mina. She was a formidable character in her own right and her tale gives a period insight into the self-confidence of the rural gentry class and their loyalties in early 20th-century Ulster.

This new volume published by the Ulster Historical Foundation provides not only the original text but many new and excellent illustrations as well as a corrected family tree. These additions give a marvellously enhanced picture of this family home with its intact collections and wonderful setting close to the shores of Lough Neagh.

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