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Notable works by Stephen A. Royle

Stephen A. Royle studied geography at St John’s College, Cambridge and then took a PhD at the Univeristy of Leicester. he moved to belfast in 1976 to a lectureship in geography at Queen’s University, where he is now professor of island geography. His book sinclude North America: a geographical mosaic (edited with Frederick W. Boal, 1999); A geography of islands, small island insularity (2001); Enduring City: Belfast in the twntieth century (edited with Frederick W. Boal, 2006); The company’s island: St Helena, company colonies and the colonial endeavour (2007); Doing development differently: regional development on the Atlantic periphery (edited with Susan Hodgett and David Johnson, 2007) and Company, crown and colony: the Hudson’s Bay Company and terrtitorial endeavour in western Canada (2011). Stephen Royle is treasurer of the International Small Island Studies Association, deputy editor of Island Studies Journal, chair of the Northern Ireland region of the Royal Geographical Society and former president of the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies, the Geopgraphical Society of Ireland and the Belfsat branch of the Geographical Society of Ireland and the Belfast branch of the Georgraphical Association. he is a member of the Royal irish Academy.