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Stirlings in Scotland, Ulster and America

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 12, 1996


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by Rev. T. H. Mullin

"Many years ago the Rev. C. W. Hunter of Ballyrashane was searching an old granny's attic of a house recently occupied by Thomas John Stirling of Knockuckerragh. He found the sides and end of an ancient oaken chest fastened together with oaken pegs.

It was believed to have been brought from Scotland at the Plantation period by the Stirling family and to have held the possessions that they brought with them.

Mr Hunter sent it to Scotland to the distinguished architect Peter MacGregor Chalmers, who had been engaged in restoring Iona Cathedral. Mr MacGregor Chalmers had it reconstructed as a Communion table, adding only a new lid, in the centre of which was placed a monogram made from oak from ruins of Iona.

The reconstruction was done in memory of John Dalzell of Loughanreagh, last of the Ballyrashane Precentors. This communion table must be unique in Ulster."

This article examines several members of the Stirling family in various countries over the years.