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Surveyors and Surveying in James Williamson’s Autobiography

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 07, 1991


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by Professor J. H. Andrews

"James Williamson (1756-1832)is one of Ulster's best known land surveyors. Many of his maps survive in public collections and a number of his unusually long and informative newspaper advertisements have been quoted or summarised in recent writings on Irish cartographic history.

In 1988 Williamson's fondness for the writ­ten word was unexpectedly confirmed when a late nineteenth-century transcript of his autobiography appeared in Christie's sale catalogue, together with an elegant album of demonstration maps and cartouches evidently designed for the perusal of likely customers.

Both items in their way appear to be unique in the history of Irish land surveying and it is good news that both have been acquired by the Ulster Museum."

This article looks at the life of James Williamson, one of Ulster's best known land surveyors.