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A Likely Tale of Love, Loot and the Law

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 05, 1989


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"A pair of spurs lay on the clean, empty dinner-plate. Andrew understood the meaning perfectly well. He had been away all day, a bleak January day with a raw north-easterly wind coming down off the Eildon Hills, attending the funeral of his cousin James Oliver at Southdean.

Although the Rule River Olivers now lived at Smailcleugh Tower they still insisted on burying away out at Southdean. That meant for Andrew a long ride there and, after some funeral drinks, an even longer ride back. The last tiring stretch from Hawick up the Teviot to where he lived at Mosspaul had left Andrew exhausted and hungry and not feeling very well.

He had been hoping that Amy would have a good, warm supper ready, with a bit of kitchen or something to it.

The spurs on the empty plate told him all he needed to know."

A Likely Tale of Love, Loot and the Law.