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A United Irish Family: The McCabes of Belfast

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 13, 1997


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by John McCabe

"In the summer of 1762, an advertisement published in the Belfast Newsletter announced:

'Thomas McKabe, lately settled near the Four Corners in Belfast, proposes that gentlemen who please to deal with him may have a trial for a year before payment on any kind of watches, at the price of eight guineas upwards.'

The Four Corners were located at the junctions of Donegall Street, North Street, Rosemary Lane and Waring Street. Thomas McCabe established his watchmaking business in Donegall Street.

Thomas McCabe, c.1739-1820, was born in Lurgan, Co. Armagh. He was the eldest son of Patrick McCabe, c.1708-1785, watch and clockmaker and his wife Mary Maziere, c.1717-1801.

Nothing is known about the early life of the McCabe family of Lurgan except that in 1744 Patrick erected the clock on the steeple of Shankill Church of Ireland in the town."

This article looks at various members of the McCabe family of Belfast, and their influences in various fields over the years.