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The Parish of Upper Badoney, County Tyrone in 1814

by Familia Ulster Genealogical Review: No. 26, 2010


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by Dr William Roulston

"Opportunities to peer into the shadowy world of an early nineteenth-century Irish parish are few indeed, certainly prior to the 1830s. The document that is reproduced here in its entirety acts as a window on a parish in the heart of rural Ulster in the second decade of the 1800s. From a purely genealogical point of view, this account of Upper Badoney is of limited value, as it contains very few personal names. However, from a social history standpoint it is of immense interest, all the more so because the Ordnance Survey memoir of the parish from the 1830s only survives in draft form."

This article examines the parish of Upper Badoney in Tyrone through the lens of a document prepared by the genealogist Tenison Groves, entitled 'A Statistical Survey of the Parish of Upper Badoney.'